"LET us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,"
Quetzal. 19. College student. Fat sexy femme. instagram: kaitlinapineda

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some people think that school food isnt all that bad and that we’re just whiny teenagers u fucking get a rock solid jug of rotten milk then tell me that we’re just whiny teenagers

My freshman year of high school i got applesauce for lunch and when I opened it, a cloud of mold poofed out I feel this post on an emotional level

I broke my pb&j sandwich on the table once, it smashed into 7 pieces.

our hot dogs in elementary school were green

Once I opened a ketchup packet that was so old it was dark brown
Also once we had fried chicken and my friend found 2 of its organs in her chicken breast… :, )

I once got grape juice that was grey and slime. I made the mistake of not looking before it slithered into my mouth.

my high school had to stop serving us milk and juice my freshman year because a bunch of kids got terrible food poisoning from it. we were all warned not to drink the juice and milk because it was filled with mold. every lunch period after that I always checked my food and I found molded cheese on a sandwitch, stale pizza, green tortillas and a bunch of other stuff. I know its not suppost to be 5 star food but 3 star would be nice.

my friend once found a staple in her chicken sandwich

tinfoil in my fish sandwich. like, it had the paper lining that said “please recycle” or whatever. it was actually used as like a filler in the fish patty.

the middle school was giving out free strawberry milk to the students a few weeks ago because they were expired.
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The infinite patience of dogs.
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#gene’s offbase cultural references are my fave
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Okay guys lets get this stuff unpacked.  Karen’s stuff…Some supplies…Karen…
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Fake Pockets: A How To
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Que perra
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going to college is great

getting married is great

having children is great

but implying that there’s something wrong with people who don’t want to do those things and that they’ll never feel fulfilled in life if they never do those things is not great

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the best metaphor posts I’ve seen so far
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why are men so afraid of women having leg hair???????? women have to put up with ur chest hair and back hair and gross pubic hair and scratchy facial hair all the time and u dont shave that bc ‘it takes too much time’ like…????? ok thanks for ur hypocrisy u dried up sink sponge


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